# SigningRegistrationError

public enum SigningRegistrationError: Error

An enumeration that describes signing registration issues.

# Cases

# invalidUserData

case invalidUserData

User object passed for signing registration is not valid.

# signingRegistrationFail(_:)

case signingRegistrationFail(Error?)

# unsupportedEllipticCurve

case unsupportedEllipticCurve

Curve returned by the platform is unsupported by this version of the SDK.

# revoked

case revoked

The user is revoked because of too many unsuccessful authentication attempts or has not been used in a substantial amount of time. The device needs to be re-registered.

# pinCancelled

case pinCancelled

Pin not entered.

# invalidPin

case invalidPin

Pin code includes invalid symbols or pin length does not match.

# unsuccessfulAuthentication

case unsuccessfulAuthentication

The authentication was not successful.