# SigningRegistrationError

An enumeration that describes signing registration issues.

# Cases

# emptyUserId

User id is empty or nil.

# emptyIdentity

One or more of dtas, token or mpinId properties of the user are empty.

# authenticatorCreationError

Cannot create an authenticator object.

# emptyAuthenticationResponse

Response received from the authentication is empty or nil.

# invalidCryptoValue

Values returned from the crypto library are empty.

# invalidSigningClientSecret1Response

Response of dvsregister request is empty or nil.

# invalidSigningClientSecret2Response

Response of getting second signing client secret share is empty or nil.

# unsupportedEllipticCurve

Curve returned by the platform is unsupported by this version of the SDK.

# invalidPin

Pin is wrong or has an invalid format, e.g contains letters or special symbols.

# invalidSigningClientToken

Client token for signing is empty or nil.

# invalidDeviceName

Device name is nil or invalid.

# overrideDeletionError

Existing signing user cannot be removed.

# overrideTooManyUsersError

There are more than one signing users with given user id and therefore signing user cannot be deleted.

# invalidUserStorage

User storage is nil or invalid.

# revokedUser

The user is revoked, so signing registration is not possible.