How To?

Integrate through OIDC provides the generic configuration needed to set up any OpenID Connect (OIDC) client library.

Integrate in Mobile Apps shows how to make a self-contained app which uses MIRACL’s MFA for login or alternatively, a custom app which can be used as a mobile authenticator for logging into websites (as an alternative to our own MIRACL Trust Authenticator app found in the app stores).

Add Custom User Verification describes how to modify the identity verification process for your users by utilising our API for plugging in your own custom verification process.

Sign Documents with DVS shows the way to integrate MIRACL Trust’s Designated Verifier Signature (DVS) scheme into your applications in order to digitally sign messages, documents or transactions.

Implement Custom Browser Authentication Client outlines what is needed to override the default web authentication client for the MIRACL Trust platform with a custom one.

Implement Custom Authentication with Mobile Apps describes how to set up authentication with a mobile application.