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The first 1,000 Authentications with MIRACL Trust® ID or Designated Verifier Signature (DVS) uses with MIRACL Trust® Proof per month are free*

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Why Use MIRACL Trust® technology?

Safe – Military grade Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) cryptography, no usernames/passwords, not susceptible to Man-In-The-Middle, Phishing or Credential Stuffing

Simple – 100% software on Desktop and mobile, no hardware, no additional login steps, no additional registration pages

Economical – PAYG SaaS at a fraction of the cost of hardware MFA and SMS Texts systems

Why Use MIRACL Trust® ID and Proof?

Improve User Experience – no hardware required, no two step SMS text, no push response, just a simple PIN and you’re in

Meet PSD2 Requirements - “Strong Customer Authentication” (SCA) and “dynamic linking”

Reduce GDPR & Brand Risks - No personal data stored on device or in the cloud, No vulnerable password databases to hack

Digitally Sign Anything – payment transactions, user actions, process steps and document transfers

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