Wordpress Integration

WordPress is an open-source content management system which is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of a website without needing to know anything about programming.

The MIRACL Trust platform offers OIDC support which allows an easy integration with Wordpress. For more information on OIDC, please read our setup guide.

# MIRACL Trust Application Setup

An application on the MIRACL Trust platform is required. It is used by the external Identity Provider in the Wordpress platform. Learn how to register a new app here.

Note that when creating an app in the MIRACL Trust Portal, you need to fill in the Redirect URL, which Wordpress and the plugin used provide you. It’s in the form https://<WORDPRESS_URL>/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=openid-connect-authorize.

Note also you need to keep a copy of the Client Secret Key. You need it when you configure the OIDC plugin for Wordpress. Learn more about App Keys.

# Wordpress OIDC Plugin

While Wordpress does not possess a native OIDC integration, you can achieve it using a wordpress plugin. After you have wordpress installed and ready, download and enable the OpenID Connect Generic plugin from the plugin section on the Wordpress dashboard.

# Plugin Configuration

Fill in the listed below fields in the OpenID Connect Client Page (Dashboard -> Settings -> OpenID Client). Most of them are using default settings.

  • Login Type - select the OpenID Connect button on logging form option, if you need to pass through the Wordpress login page or Auto Login - SSO, if you want a direct SSO login.
  • Client ID - available in the Settings page of your MIRACL Trust app.
  • Client Secret Key - created when the app is created.
  • OpenID Scope - fill in with openid email (space separated values).
  • Login Endpoint URL - https://api.mpin.io/authorize.
  • Userinfo Endpoint URL - https://api.mpin.io/oidc/userinfo.
  • Token Validation Endpoint URL - https://api.mpin.io/oidc/token.
  • Identity Key, Nickname Key, Email Formatting - set all those to sub.
  • Link Existing Users - Check this field if you need to login with an already existing Wordpress account with the same identity as the newly-authenticated user over OpenID Connect.

# Validating the Integration

Save the changes (via the Save changes button) and logout. You see a button Login with OpenID Connect on the login page above the Username and Password fields, if you have chosen the OpenID Connect button on logging form option, or directly the MIRACL Trust login page, if you have selected Auto Login - SSO.