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Online security shouldn’t slow down your gamers. Log into your favourite gaming sites in seconds with the safest MFA around.

Use the calculator below to discover the hidden revenue you could capture with MIRACL Trust.

Monthly additional revenue with simplifying your login with MIRACL Trust MIRACL Boosted Revenue


A 7% Increase

Total monthly revenue when users login with MIRACLTrustTotal monthly revenue


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The global gaming industry suffered more than 240 million web application attacks in 2020. You need to protect your gamers and business against these threats. But historically, security has come at a price. 92% of users will leave a site when they have to reset or recover login info. That’s a lot of lost revenue.

You need both: a seamless login experience that takes seconds and a security system that is the safest on the market.

Conventional two-step 2-Factor Authentication won’t cut it.

Replace your clunky password login or create bespoke user flows right for your experience.

MIRACL Trust gaming customers have a successful login rate of 99.82% and 0% account takeovers or security issues to date.

A safe login now takes seconds. For one gaming client this led to:

MIRACL increased our conversion rate to 75%. It provides state-of-the-art security for our users combined with an online experience they love.


Start saving costs and increase revenue

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