# Package

# Types

Name Summary
data class ApiRequest(method: HttpMethod, headers: Map<String, String>?, body: String?, params: Map<String, String>?, url: String)
ApiRequest is a data class that keeps the main properties of a HTTP request.
enum HttpMethod : Enum<HttpMethod>
HttpMethod is a MIRACLTrust SDK representation of the HTTP methods
interface HttpRequestExecutor
HttpRequestExecutor is an interface providing pluggable networking layer of the MIRACLTrust SDK. If implemented and passed as an argument when initializing the MIRACLTrust SDK, you can provide your own HTTP request executor.
enum HttpRequestExecutorErrorCode : Enum<HttpRequestExecutorErrorCode> , MIRACLErrorCode
An enumeration that describes network issues.
class HttpRequestExecutorException(errorCode: HttpRequestExecutorErrorCode, httpStatusCode: Int, message: String?, cause: Throwable?) : MIRACLException