# AuthenticationError

public enum AuthenticationError: Error, Equatable

An enumeration that describes authentication issues.

# Cases

# emptyIdentity

case emptyIdentity

One or more of dtas, token or mpinId properties of the identity are empty.

# emptyUser

case emptyUser

One or more of userId and projectId properties of the user are empty.

# emptyScope

case emptyScope

scope array is empty.

# invalidAccessId

case invalidAccessId

AccessId for authentication is empty or nil.

# invalidPin

case invalidPin

Pin is wrong or has an invalid format, e.g contains letters or special symbols.

# invalidCryptoValue

case invalidCryptoValue

Values returned from the crypto library are empty.

# invalidChallenge

case invalidChallenge

Challenge received from pass1 is empty or nil.

# invalidAuthOTT

case invalidAuthOTT

There is an unknown issue when handling the pass2 request-response object.

# invalidAuthenticateResponse

case invalidAuthenticateResponse

There is an unknown issue when handling the authenticate request-response.

# wamPinError

case wamPinError

PIN code related error when doing Whack-a-mole

# revokedUser

case revokedUser

The user is revoked, so authentication is not possible.