# RegistrationError

public enum RegistrationError: Error, Equatable

An enumeration that describes registration issues.

# Cases

# invalidUserId

case invalidUserId

User id is empty or nil.

# invalidDeviceName

case invalidDeviceName

Device name is empty or nil.

# expiredActivationTokenDate

case expiredActivationTokenDate

Registration activation token has expired.

# invalidActivationToken

case invalidActivationToken

# invalidRegistrationResponse

case invalidRegistrationResponse

# invalidSignatureResponse

case invalidSignatureResponse

Either first client secret share or dtas are empty or nil.

# unsupportedEllipticCurve

case unsupportedEllipticCurve

Curve returned by the platform is unsupported by this version of the SDK.

# invalidClientSecretResponse

case invalidClientSecretResponse

The second client secret share is either empty or nil.

# invalidPin

case invalidPin

Provided PIN code does not have a correct length or contains symbols other than digits.

# invalidClientSecret

case invalidClientSecret

Client secret is empty or nil.

# invalidClientToken

case invalidClientToken

Client token is empty or nil.

# overrideDeletionError

case overrideDeletionError

Existing authentication user cannot be removed.

# invalidUserStorage

case invalidUserStorage

User Storage object is null or empty.

# invalidProjectId

case invalidProjectId

Project id is empty.

# emptyIdentity

case emptyIdentity

One or more of dtas, token or mpinId properties of the identity are empty.