OTP Generation

Any end users wishing to actually generate One Time Passwords must be issued with the Registration and OTP Generation Link (found in the app details page in the admin portal). They can then register at this url and bookmark it for anytime they need to generate OTPs in the future. This url is found in the app settings page when an admin is using the portal to create a new RADIUS app, as detailed in the Setup and Installation instructions:

The Registration and OTP Generation Link works on a ‘per project’ basis and so all end users who register are able to generate OTPs for apps created by that project (providing that they are authorized by LDAP etc.).

Here, in-browser or using the mobile app (by scanning the displayed QR code), they are able to register with an email address and set up a PIN:

If using in-browser OTP, users should bookmark the OTP url and they can then visit it at any time to enter their PIN and generate OTPs for all configured services. Mobile app users can simply use the ‘Generate OTP’ tab in their mobile app: