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MIRACL Trust® is a user authentication service which completely replaces the typical password-based authentication which is normally used when accessing online services, so removes your largest cyber-security risk, and streamlines your user experience to increase customer satisfaction. Here you will find all you need to integrate MIRACL Trust® into your own website/application.

SSO Server


MIRACL SSO Server makes use of the SAML protocol to enable companies to give their users the convenience of one login to multiple apps and websites using the MIRACL Trust® authentication platform. It can also be used to configure internal Single Sign-On access to particular Service Providers thereby controlling internal access to company-specific accounts.



MIRACL RADIUS Server enables configuring One Time Password (OTP) access from the MIRACL Trust® authentication platform to clients which support the RADIUS protocol. This can be used to generate temporary passwords which are valid for only a limited period of time. MIRACL RADIUS implements authentication, authorization and accounting services.

ADFS Plugin


MIRACL ADFS plugin works with Microsoft's Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). ADFS authenticates users against an Active Directory instance and, optionally, a third-party MFA provider can be configured to provide an extra layer of authentication for added security. The MIRACL ADFS plugin enables you to use the MIRACL Trust® authentication platform as a such MFA authentication provider.


Crypto Library

MIRACL Core is a multi-lingual and architecturally agnostic Cryptographic library that supports elliptic curve cryptography, pairing-friendly curve cryptography, RSA, AES symmetric encryption and hash functions. All code is entirely in the supported high-level languages. No assembly language and no third party code is required - these libraries are completely self-contained.

OIDC Samples

Sample Code

These samples provide example integrations between the MIRACL Trust platform and various OIDC libraries. You can use them to test out MIRACL Trust or as a reference for your own integration.