# Configuration.Builder

Builds Configuration objects.

# Methods

# init(projectId:clientId:redirectURI:)

# userStorage(userStorage:)

Set custom UserStorage implementation. / Parameter userStorage: custom UserStorage) implementation.

  • Returns: Configuration.Builder object.

# logger(logger:)

Set custom Logger writer implementation. / Parameter logger: custom Logger implementation.

  • Returns: Configuration.Builder object.

# loggingLevel(level:)

Sets custom LoggingLevel value. By default it is off. This level can be set only for default logger, otherwise will be ignored. / Parameter level: custom LoggingLevel

  • Returns: Configuration.Builder object.

# platformURL(url:)

Sets custom MIRACL platform URL.

  • Parameter url: custom MIRACL platform URL.
  • Returns: Configuration.Builder object.

# deviceName(deviceName:)

Sets value of device name.

  • Parameter deviceName: device name
  • Returns: Configuration.Builder object.

# URLSessionConfiguration(urlSessionConfiguration:)

Use this when you want to set the custom configuration to the SDK’s instance of URLSession. As a default value it uses ephemeral configuration, 30 seconds for timeoutIntervalForRequest and 300 seconds for timeoutIntervalForResource.

  • Parameter urlSessionConfiguration: configuration for the URLSession to be set.
  • Returns: Configuration.Builder object.

# build()

Returns Configuration object. / Throws: ConfigurationError. / Returns: Configuration object.