MIRACL is the single smartest way to sign in for everybody – from customers to team members to managers.

Secure. Simple. Affordable.

With a privacy-first approach, MIRACL Trust brings secure, password-free login from any device or browser. Our login success rate is 99.9% - the highest in the industry - so you won’t miss out on revenue from lost sales or lose time managing users’ forgotten passwords.
What would I say to companies considering MIRACL? In a few words: go for it! If you want to secure access to your services, rest assured that you can do it very, very safely with MIRACL.
Florin Dimitru, IT Director Crédit Agricole, Romania
People are surprised by how straightforward MIRACL is. It cuts through the fears people have about changing access to a system, such as getting locked out accidentally. Onboarding customers is simple. The feedback has been really positive, all the way up to board level.
John Ferguson, CRO, Cashfac


By design, MIRACL inherently is resistant to phishing and data hacks. How? Our
zero-knowledge proof protocol allows us to eliminate vulnerable password databases
from the authentication process. If it sounds intuitive, that’s because it is.

Resistant to all attacks, from Man-in-the-Middle, to Replay, Credential Stuffing, Passwords Spraying and Phishing.



Today’s Internet users are accustomed to the entire world being at their fingertips. Why should verifying their identity be any different? Our one-step process eliminates the need to remember an ever-changing series of passwords or rely on a second device. Two seconds, one PIN, zero hassle.

5x faster than passwords, 10x faster than authentication apps, 15x faster than one-time passwords.



MIRACL Trust is cloud-based so it can run literally anywhere: no companion hardware, no superfluous apps, no annoying dependency on particular operating systems or firmware. MIRACL is a democratic product that supports literally all browsers, and comes with native support for Android and IOS - including for handsets up to a decade old.

100% software - with no hardware necessary.



Traditionally, authentication can be costly for businesses. There are the costs of the licensing, the hardware, the management of the security infrastructure. Not to mention the resources needed for managing forgotten password requests.

Save time and money with MIRACL’s simple, scalable pay-as-you-go model. Plus, successful login rates directly correlate to increased revenue for your business. With MIRACL, 99.9% of login attempts are successful, which means more happy customers and more revenue.

And not forgetting the value of having a fully secure solution, which could save you millions by avoiding catastrophic account takeovers and security breaches.

Our prices are one tenth of the cost of other Multi-Factor Authentication options, with no hardware necessary.


Privacy First

The best way to keep your customers and users’ information safe is to never share it in the first place. We don’t need to store anyone’s PIN for safe log-in.

Our “zero knowledge” concept ensures your business can authenticate users without the burden of installing and managing identity management platforms or having to babysit valuable data that you don’t actually need.

4 digits - the length of the secret PIN - that is all a user needs to verify their identity.


Bespoke, flexible setup

Fully compliant with the most stringent security and privacy regulations, you can use MIRACL Trust as a replacement for your existing multi-factor authentication, or add it as a second stage to your current log-in process.

Integrate MIRACL Trust at any point in your process to support existing authentication methods.


Who loves using MIRACL?


(Online Retailer)

“Our team is constantly looking for ways to remove friction from our customer’s journey. In the past, authentication has been a bump in the road leading to abandoned carts, frustrated users, and incomplete analytics. With MIRACL, that’s no longer the case. We can serve our customers better, convert more sales, and gather more complete data that in turn allows us to grow.”



“As a financial institution, our business is only as strong as our ability to keep our customer’s personal information safe. That means we have to be laser-focused on the big stuff: account info, financial data, internal and external systems. MIRACL simplifies my job immensely. Their zero-knowledge proof prorotcol technology means we can offer our users safe, state-of-the-art compliance without increasing the burden on our security systems or dealing with volatile, high-maintenance passwords.”



“As a startup, we’re running on a tight budget in terms of both dollars and person hours. What makes MIRACL work so well for us is not just that it’s affordable -- but that it comes with no hidden costs in terms of maintenance. No servers to worry about, no additional security infrastructure to implement. What you see is what you get.”

If you want to secure access to your services, MIRACL makes it easy.

- Florin Dimitru, IT Director,
Crédit Agricole, Romania