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MIRACL Trust® multi-factor authentication powered by zero-knowledge proof, securely connects your identity online, with a safer and simpler user experience than passwords.

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MIRACL Trust® is a cloud-based service that provides secure, multi-factor authentication to external users, employees and partners without sending authentication credentials across the web for storage in the cloud.

PSD2 compliant authentication
The European Banking Authority has included a mandate for “strong customer authentication” in its PSD2 requirements. MIRACL Trust® can help any financial services company today.

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Protecting the person online and giving them a good user experience of the services they are using is a key goal for us as a business. MIRACL is a pioneering company that helps us achieve that.
Nick Mothershaw
Director of Identity and Fraud, Experian
MIRACL’s zero password authentication solutions, which eliminate authentication database breaches and improve the user experience for end users, deliver immediate security benefits.
Rich Boyer
Chief Architect, NTT i3
Ever since we first learnt of MIRACL's disruptive product, MIRACL Trust® multi-factor authentication is our only option for integration in cyber security critical projects.
Andrey Dautev
CEO, Saorsa