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MIRACL Trust is replacing the password with a safer approach, making it possible to finally love your login.

We provide single-step Multi-Factor Authentication, in just two seconds, completely within the browser window on any device. There are no redirects, no second devices, no SMS and no passwords. One PIN and you’re in.

Our login success rate is 99.9% - the highest in the industry - so you don’t lose out on time managing forgotten passwords or revenue from lost customers.

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A safer, smoother authentication experience

A reported 80% of data breaches come from weak, compromised or reused passwords, making them very unsafe. Plus, the latest figures show failed authentication is costing enterprises an average of $3m per year.

MIRACL brings the answers to these problems. With a PIN-only, two second log-in process, 99.9% of login attempts are successful, which means an increase in happy customers and revenue.

Here’s how the MIRACL Trust experience compares to typical SMS Two Factor Authentication:

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MIRACL Trust ID vs SMS 2FA Comparison Video

Are you missing out on revenue?

Successful login rates directly correlate to increased revenue for your business. That’s why we believe that the industry standard of 10% failure rate for passwords is unacceptable. Use the calculator below to discover the hidden revenue you could capture by using MIRACL Trust.

Boosting sales is not the only way MIRACL Trust improves your profitability. Did you know that over 20% (and as high as 70%!) of helpdesk time is spent on password resets? Imagine what your IT team could do with that time and those resources once passwords are out of the picture.

And the other great news is that our prices are one tenth of the cost of other Multi-Factor Authentication options, with no hardware necessary, so you’ll make savings there too. Its time to stop losing revenue through unsuccessful logins.

What’s your login success rate?

Your product's monthly online revenue

Monthly additional revenue with simplifying your login with MIRACL Trust MIRACL Boosted Revenue


A 7% Increase

Total monthly revenue when users login with MIRACLTrustTotal monthly revenue


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MIRACL Trust prevents
99.9% of all attacks.


MIRACL enables
instant MFA.
Say goodbye to clunky
authenticator apps and SMS.


MIRACL integrates
anywhere. No hardware


MIRACL makes pricing simple. Pay as you go with no additional SMS costs or databases to maintain.

Privacy First

MIRACL leaves your customer
data in your hands. We safely authenticate users
without their
personal information.

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Our Clients love us!

MIRACL’s solution created workarounds for our roadblocks, which resulted in a seamless log in experience for our associates beginning day 1.
Nicole Farr
Manager, Learning Design & Delivery, Rite Aid
Protecting the person online and giving them a good user experience of the services they are using is a key goal for us as a business. MIRACL is a pioneering company that helps us achieve that.
Nick Mothershaw
Director of Identity and Fraud, Experian
MIRACL’s zero password authentication solutions, which eliminate authentication database breaches and improve the user experience for end users, deliver immediate security benefits.
Rich Boyer
Chief Architect, NTT i3

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Blocks phishing, credential stuffing,
password spraying, replay and
man-in-the-middle attacks

User Experience

Instant login, zero friction

Simple Deployment

API-enabled. Works from from any device or browser

Data Protection & Privacy

No personal data sent or stored

PSD2 Compliance

Exceeds PSD2 SCA requirements

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