# Identity

@objc public class Identity: NSObject

Representing a user’s identity in the system.

# Properties

# uuid

public var uuid = NSUUID()

Identifier of the identity. It is used to be referenced in the storage.

# mpinId

public var mpinId = Data()

Actual representation of the identity.

# token

public var token = Data()

The second factor of the authentication.

# dtas

public var dtas = String()

Base64 encoded URL-s of DTA-s.

# pinLength

public var pinLength = 4

The number of the digits the identity PIN should be.

# publicKey

public var publicKey: Data?

The public part of the signing key.

# hashedMpinId

public var hashedMpinId: String

Hex encoded SHA256 representation of the mpinId property.