# register



fun register(userId: String, activationToken: String, pinProvider: PinProvider, pushNotificationsToken: String? = null, resultHandler: ResultHandler<User, RegistrationException>)

Provides end-user registration. Registers an end-user for a given MIRACLTrust Project to the MIRACLTrust platform.

# Parameters

userId provides an unique user id (i.e. email).
activationToken provides an activate token for verification.
pinProvider a callback called from the SDK, when the identity PIN is required.
pushNotificationsToken current device push notifications token. This is used when push notifications for authentication are enabled in the platform.
resultHandler a callback to handle the result of the registration.
- If successful, the result is MIRACLSuccess with value of the registered user. - If an error occurs, the result is MIRACLError with a message. On exception, the exception object is also passed.