# SessionDetails

constructor(userId: String, projectId: String, projectName: String, projectLogoUrl: String, pinLength: Int, verificationMethod: VerificationMethod, verificationUrl: String, verificationCustomText: String, identityType: IdentityType, identityTypeLabel: String, quickCodeEnabled: Boolean, limitQuickCodeRegistration: Boolean)

# Parameters

userId User ID entered by the user when session is started.
projectId Project ID setting for the application in MIRACL platform.
projectName Name of the project in MIRACL platform.
projectLogoUrl URL of the project logo.
pinLength Pin Length that needs to be entered from user.
verificationMethod Indicates method of user verification.
verificationUrl URL for verification in case of custom verification method.
verificationCustomText Custom text specified in the MIRACL Trust portal for the custom verification.
identityType Identity type which will be used for identity verification.
identityTypeLabel Label of the identity which will be used for identity verification.
quickCodeEnabled Indicates whether the QuickCode is enabled for the project or not.
limitQuickCodeRegistration Indicates whether registration with QuickCode is allowed for identities registered also with QuickCode.