Customer Stories

Seamless In-Store Multi-Factor Authentication For Retail Staff Without Mobiles

02 Nov, 2021 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

Rite Aid offers in store employees multi-factor authentication that does not need a second device or mobile. MIRACL Trust allows employees to gain access to L&D solutions through a single-st…

MIRACL announces partnership with Cashfac

15 Jun, 2021 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

MIRACL creates new partnership with Cashfac – a global pioneer of cash management software Cashfac is a global provider of back office operational cash management software, including the wor…

The Challenges of MFA in the Public Sector

09 Jun, 2021 by Michael Tanaka, CCO

In a series of new, insightful blogs this summer, the CCO at MIRACL, Michael Tanaka, takes time to reflect on some of the challenges organisations face with authentication processes - and co…