MIRACL Trust vs Google Authenticator - Comparing Google Authenticator with 1-step MIRACL Trust

21 Feb, 2023 by MIRACL

Examine how MIRACL Trust single-step MFA weighs up against Google Authenticator’s multi-step multi-factor authentication.

Why are we so affordable?

25 Nov, 2022 by MIRACL

MFA seems to mean an expensive solution with heavy infrastructure. MIRACL Trust is data light, independent tech with a better infrastructure, which means affordable secure technology.

MIRACL Trust vs SMS: Comparing 2-step MFA with 1-step MIRACL Trust

14 Sep, 2022 by MIRACL

The world of multi-factor authentication can be confusing. In this new series, we’ll shed a light on different MFA methods and compare them to single-step MFA MIRACL Trust. Today, we’ll …

What is single-step MFA?

03 Aug, 2022 by MIRACL

It is universally agreed that two-factor authentication (2FA) is safer than the Username/Password mechanism. MIRACL only requires a single-step to log you into the system. It blocks phishing…

Don’t be fooled by Phishing

26 Jul, 2022 by MIRACL

Phishing has become so widespread and sophisticated that a recent study found that 93% of modern breaches involve a phishing attack. That means they might simply not be aware when they becom…

PSD2: What you need to know

31 May, 2022 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

The Payment Service Directive was created by the European Union to regulate payment services, protect users, and encourage non-banks to participate in the payment industry. The PSD provides …

Trusting me, trusting you. Data Trust and eliminating the single point of failure.

23 Dec, 2021 by Dr Michael Scott, Chief Crypto Officer

How can you trust your data when a system has multiple points of failure or vulnerabilities exposing private information to potential bad actors. MIRACL Trust has no single point of failure …

Salesforce is introducing an MFA requirement from February 2022: Are you ready?

14 Dec, 2021 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

Salesforce is requiring all users to access their platforms via multi-factor authentication (MFA) by February 1st 2022. MIRACL Trust delivers secure, fast, simple and affordable MFA in just …

M-PIN Zero Knowledge Proof Protocol

24 Aug, 2021 by Dr Michael Scott, Chief Crypto Officer

Earlier in the month we shared our thoughts on Zero Knowledge Proof, comparing it with Zero Trust and clarifying the significant difference between the two. Our Chief Crypto Officer is Dr Mi…

What does the security term “Zero Trust” mean?….and why it will it never include One Time Passcodes (OTP)!

03 Aug, 2021 by Michael Tanaka, CCO

One question we often come across is ‘what is Zero Trust’ and if it is related to a ‘Zero Knowledge Proof’? So, today, in his summer series of new, insightful blogs, the CCO at MIRAC…