Unveiling the Hidden Cost of Passwords: How Much is YOUR Business Losing?

17 May, 2023 by MIRACL

How much are passwords costing your business? Learn from MIRACL’s experts - Correy Voo, MIRACL Chairman and former UBS CTO, and Michael Tanaka, MIRACL COO - as they discuss the expenses asso…

The reasons you should not join World Password Day

04 May, 2023 by MIRACL

Passwords have been a primary authentication method for too long. It’s time to recognise their significant disadvantages. Even in the early days of computing, passwords have not worked well.…

MIRACL Shortlisted for Two EGR North America Awards

27 Mar, 2023 by MIRACL

MIRACL, the world’s fastest passwordless, single-step multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been shortlisted in the forthcoming EGR North America Awards - in both the ‘IT and Cloud Services …

Why you should give up passwords for good

23 Jun, 2022 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

Today, June 23, MIRACL hosts the second annual Passwordless Day - an excellent time to look at the state of online security today and why passwords should become a thing of the past.

Why hackers love the gaming industry

11 Apr, 2022 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

Since lockdown there has been more hacking attempts on gaming companies than any other industry. Read on to see how gaming and gambling companies can protect their users while decreasing cos…

Go Dataless this Data Privacy Day 2022

28 Jan, 2022 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

MIRACL Trust enables customers including Tarabut Gateway to authenticate users in seconds without the need for holding any end-user data. This means that customers won’t collect any sensitiv…

MIRACL announced as Cyber Runway accelerator participant

19 Nov, 2021 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) welcomes MIRACL as part of their Cyber Runway programme. MIRACL Trust, an innovative single-step multi-factor authentication tech…

MIRACL Exhibits at the GovNet 2021 Higher Education Conference

15 Oct, 2021 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

The Higher Education Conference provides UK-based university leaders and innovative education suppliers the chance to meet, network, and discuss solutions to the challenges facing the sector…

MIRACL accepted into the Microsoft for Startups Programme

09 Jul, 2021 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

MIRACL has been accepted into ‘Microsoft for Startups’ – a dedicated world-wide programme that helps innovative and emerging businesses in the tech sector scale and grow into the next big th…

The World’s First ever PasswordLess Day

23 Jun, 2021 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

MIRACL is calling out to the verification industry and all those championing a passwordless future to join together today, the 23rd June 2021, to highlight the ineffectiveness of the traditi…