case studies

iOpen Innovations: winning over ‘technophobes’ by respecting their time

04 Apr, 2023 by MIRACL

Read on how MIRACL provides the gateway to iOpen Innovations safety and sustainable platform built for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Breaking Records Again, and Again, and Again

21 Sep, 2022 by Michael Tanaka, CCO

In August 2022 Cashfac hit a 99.996% login success rate. Only two failures in 50,407 authentications by over 1,200 agents. Discover how the login you love can help increase conversions, save…

MyLottoHub: Gaming startup doubles down on growth with single-step MFA

11 Aug, 2022 by MIRACL

Nigerian gaming company MyLottoHub supercharged growth with a streamlined registration process and UX, built around MIRACL Trust single-step MFA.

Fintech’s most trusted virtual accounts platform chooses MIRACL for MFA

24 May, 2022 by MIRACL International Limited

Cashfac VBT is the financial industry’s most-trusted virtual accounts cash management platform. When the company behind it looked for MFA that could keep things simple with cast-iron compl…

Crédit Agricole Romania creates superior CX for online banking with MIRACL

29 Apr, 2022 by MIRACL International Limited

By replacing hardware tokens with MIRACL multi-factor authentication, Crédit Agricole Romania eliminates downtime and maintenance issues while delivering superior CX for 10,000+ customers.

Seamless In-Store Multi-Factor Authentication For Retail Staff Without Mobiles

02 Nov, 2021 by MIRACL International Limited

Rite Aid offers in store employees multi-factor authentication that does not need a second device or mobile. MIRACL Trust allows employees to gain access to L&D solutions through a single-st…

MIRACL announces partnership with Cashfac

15 Jun, 2021 by MIRACL International Limited

MIRACL creates new partnership with Cashfac – a global pioneer of cash management software Cashfac is a global provider of back office operational cash management software, including the w…

The Challenges of MFA in the Public Sector

09 Jun, 2021 by Michael Tanaka, CCO

In a series of new, insightful blogs this summer, the CCO at MIRACL, Michael Tanaka, takes time to reflect on some of the challenges organisations face with authentication processes - and co…