Don't Gamble with Security: Session Hijacking Risks

20 Jul, 2023 by MIRACL

We explore what session hijacking entails, provide examples to illustrate its impact, delve into the types of session hijacking in cybersecurity, and highlight the challenges for sports bett…

The reasons you should not join World Password Day

04 May, 2023 by MIRACL

Passwords have been a primary authentication method for too long. It’s time to recognise their significant disadvantages. Even in the early days of computing, passwords have not worked wel…

How you can protect your business from credential stuffing

29 Mar, 2023 by MIRACL

Credential stuffing is a cyber attack involving using stolen usernames and passwords from one website to gain unauthorised access to another. Learn how credential stuffing works and how to …

Does your insurance require MFA?

16 Mar, 2023 by MIRACL

In recent years, cyber threats have become increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, making it more critical for individuals and businesses to protect themselves against cyber risks. Learn h…

MIRACL Trust vs Google Authenticator - Comparing Google Authenticator with 1-step MIRACL Trust

21 Feb, 2023 by MIRACL

Examine how MIRACL Trust single-step MFA weighs up against Google Authenticator’s multi-step multi-factor authentication.

The Problem With Password Managers

12 Jan, 2023 by Mike Scott, Chief Cryptographer

Chief Cryptographer, Mike Scott, reflects on the recent hack at LastPass and why password managers are not all that they seem to be.

MIRACL Trust vs Magic Links - Comparing Magic Links with 1-step MIRACL Trust

29 Nov, 2022 by MIRACL

Comparing MIRACL Trust single-step MFA to Magic Links. Read on to see why magic links continue to add complexity and friction to user experience.

Why are we so affordable?

25 Nov, 2022 by MIRACL

MFA seems to mean an expensive solution with heavy infrastructure. MIRACL Trust is data light, independent tech with a better infrastructure, which means affordable secure technology.

Password Managers: The Emperor's New Clothes

09 Nov, 2022 by Michael Tanaka, Chief Commercial Officer

In the light of recent hacks of LastPass, when source code was stolen, CCO Michael Tanaka explores how the weaknesses in password managers and why we they aren’t as secure as they seem.

Session Cookies and Zero Trust - what's the fuss?

04 Nov, 2022 by Michael Tanaka, CCO, MIRACL

There have been recent articles about hacking attacks on session cookies. They point out a growing but not a very new concern. Read how CCO Michael Tanaka analyses the concern around these a…

Why FinTechs are adopting MIRACL Trust

24 Oct, 2022 by MIRACL

Customers don’t want to spend minutes, even seconds, thinking about security. They want a safe and simple login that doesn’t interfere with whatever they’re doing at that moment. See …

Overcoming the three Cs of technology adoption

12 Oct, 2022 by MIRACL

The right technology can make your business more successful and workflows easier- but the wrong one can wreak havoc with your internal processes. That’s why it’s a good idea to set some …