Registering (Android)

To get set up with the MIRACL Trust mobile app as an Android user:

  1. Install the MIRACL Trust mobile app from the Play store.

  2. On the website you want to access, click on the Login button.
    In the example below, an imaginary bank’s home page is being used as a demo.

    tcb login

    You should see a QR code on the web page (this may need to be selected if in-browser login is enabled):

    qr code

  3. Open the MIRACL Trust app and scan the QR code.
    On the website, you should see a message that the code is scanned.

  4. You will be prompted to enter your email address. Enter it and tap Next:

    create id

    You should receive an email to confirm your identity.

  5. Press the link in the email, this will return you to the app and you will be prompted to create your PIN:

    setup pin

    You will see a confirmation that your identity was created successfully.