Resetting a PIN

In the mobile app

To reset a PIN for an email address (identity):

  1. Open the MIRACL Trust app and tap on the menu button:

menu button

Then tap Manage Identities:

manage ids

A list of your existing identities is displayed.

id list

  1. Tap the required identity you would like to have reset, and then select ‘reset pin’.

  2. You will be prompted to scan a QR code from the relevant service. Tap ‘OK’:

android reset dialog

  1. You will then be presented with the QR reader. Navigate to the home page of the relevant web app and click “login”. Scan the QR code presented and another confirmation email will be sent to your associated email address:

simple qr login

  1. Once you have confirmed as per the email, you can then setup your new PIN:

confirm setup success


In the browser UI, when logging in to a particular service, it is possible to reset your PIN by clicking on the settings wheel next to any ID, and clicking on the ‘Reset PIN’ option:

wheel reset pin

Then click Reset PIN in the main window:

reset pin button

An email will be sent containing a confirmation link. Once dealt with, click confirm:

wheel reset pin

Then enter and confirm your new PIN.

A success message will confirm the PIN reset:

reset pin success