Logging in (iOS)

To log in to a website using MIRACL Trust from an iOS device:

  1. Any time you click to login to a MIRACL Trust-enabled website you will be presented with a QR code (this may need to be selected if in-browser login is enabled):

QR Code

  1. Confirm the identity you are about to use. To use another identity associated with a different email address:

    • Tap Choose Another Identity.
    • Select the identity you want to use, or, to create a new one, tap + New Identity, and repeat the process under ‘Registering (iOS)'.

  2. Once you have selected the identity you want to use, tap Accept.

Accept Identity

  1. Enter the PIN you created for the identity, and you will see a confirmation for a successful login.
    You will be logged in to the website automatically.

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