One Time Password

If you are part of e.g. a VPN which has been configured to make use of the MIRACL Trust RADIUS service, you will be able to make use of the One Time Password functionality in the MIRACL Trust mobile app.

In this case you will have been issued an OTP URL to visit, where you can register as a user. The URL will be in the format:*************

It is important to bookmark this url, as you will need to visit it every time you wish to generate a One Time Password.

This url is for registration and generating OTPs only. The actual service url (e.g. for your VPN which will be used to login with generated OTPs) will have been issued separately by your service provider. Thus the steps for logging in to a service with One Time Passwords is:

  1. Visit the OTP url and register as a user
  1. Visit the OTP url at any time to generate an OTP
  1. Visit your online service / VPN url and enter the generated OTP

When visiting the OTP url, you may be given the option of either In-browser or mobile app login, or your service provider may have configured it so that you are only able to use one or the other.

In-browser OTP

When you visit the OTP URL, you will first have to register with your email address:

otp create id

Once you confirm your email you can create a PIN which you will have to enter every time you wish to generate a new OTP:

otp choose pin

Then, every time you visit the OTP URL and enter your PIN you will be presented with an OTP:

gen otp

This OTP can then be used to login to e.g. your VPN. It will expire after a set priod of time, indicated by the decreasing bar at the bottom:

otp expired

Mobile app OTP

When the OTP url is visited in your web browser, a QR code will be displayed for scanning.

You can then register with the OTP-configured service via the following steps:

  1. Select the ‘Generate OTP’ tab in the main screen of the mobile app:


    Tap the ‘+’ icon to register a new identity. The QR code scanner will then be displayed. Follow the instructions to enter and confirm your email address. Then register and confirm your PIN.

  2. Once your PIN has been confirmed you will be presented with a success screen, from where you can tap ‘Generate OTP’:


  3. You will then be presented with the PIN pad to login with your registered ID:


  4. You will then be presented with the OTP:


    This One Time Password can then be used to access your OTP-configured application.

    After a set period, your OTP will expire and tapping ‘Generate New OTP’ will prompt you to re-authenticate and obtain a new OTP:


You can then, any time you wish to login to your OTP-configured service, tap on the ‘Generate OTP’ tab to enter your PIN and generate a new OTP.