What we’re all about.

Say goodbye to passwords. MIRACL secures the people, apps, and things you need to run a digital business. We offer the safest, smoothest, and most intuitive user authentication platform in the world. Our technology is built on the concept of the zero knowledge proof: that means users can verify their identity without revealing their private information.

Our company is devoted to using the most cutting-edge cryptographic techniques to remove roadblocks for businesses and keep user information safe. Our name, MIRACL, is an acronym derived from our beloved cryptographic software library: Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic C/C++ Library.

MIRACL means:

  • fast: authentication in 2 seconds or less
  • user friendly: intuitive, unfussy multi-factor authentication
  • safe: no passwords means less risk
  • deployable: get up and running everywhere, no hardware necessary
  • cost effective: straightforward pricing, lower total cost of ownership than passwords
  • compliant: our system exceeds PSD2 requirements

Industry leading multi-factor authentication in one step

One security platform
to rule them all.

We eliminate outdated security practices in your infrastructure, including
passwords, root keys and stored credentials. Our single security platform
empowers nearly every part of your digital business, from web and mobile
applications, to the Internet of Things, the Enterprise Blockchain, and
public/private cloud environments.

MIRACL is a simple, secure way for
enterprise and external users to log
into a mobile or web application.

MIRACL makes life easy for companies and even easier for users. Simply choose and enter a
four-digit PIN to connect to any business application enabled on our cloud-based service.
MIRACL works across browsers and devices without the headaches of SMS or the bloat of
extraneous hardware.

MIRACL employs advanced
cryptographic protocols to make
authentication smoother and safer.

Built on the concept of the zero knowledge proof, MIRACL enables users to verify their identities without sharing or exposing valuable (or potentially damaging) information like passwords that can be used to hack into a system. The trick is, we don’t store or transmit data in its whole form. Our user PINs live only in the heads of our users -- not in vulnerable databases. MIRACL meets the strictest EU banking requirements and can also be combined with additional identity factors like biometrics for even greater security.