Resetting a PIN

# In-browser

In the browser UI, when logging into a particular service, it is possible to reset your PIN by clicking on the Forgot PIN? button below the PIN Pad:

This opens the Forgot PIN screen for your User ID:

Click the RESET PIN button, and an email containing a new verification link is sent to your email box.

Open it from your browser. Enter and confirm your new PIN.

# In the mobile app

To reset a PIN for a User ID from MIRACL Trust mobile app:

  1. Open the MIRACL Trust app. At the bottom of the main screen, you see the list of your User IDs.

  2. Tab over the chosen User ID to open the available options:

  3. Tap Reset PIN. A confirmation dialog appears:

  4. Tap Reset to receive an email containing a new verification link.

  5. Click the link from your mobile email app. The MIRACL Trust app opens, asking you to enter a new PIN for your User ID.

  6. After re-entering your new PIN, you see the greeting screen: