Try MIRACL Trust® in Five Minutes

Try Our Digital Banking Demo on Your Desktop

Welcome to Tech City Bank

The Tech City Bank (TCB) demo is an example of how a bank can integrate MIRACL Trust® into their mobile and web applications while meeting the “strong authentication” requirement for PSD2. It provides an end-user scenario for downloading, activating and using MIRACL Trust® to securely authenticate into a web application.

There are multiple user scenarios with which you can use MIRACL Trust for signing in, so in this demo instance, please follow the instructions for this scenario:

“A user wants to login to a website on a personal trusted desktop browser

What you need to run the TCB demo:

  • A computer (to open a web page with a browser)
  • A working email address
  • Five minutes
  • Optional: A smartphone (to run an Android or iPhone app, although not required for browser login)

Note that the Tech City Bank demo site allows anyone to register and log in. In a real world scenario, such a site would typically also perform authorisation and would only allow known users to log in. Schedule a demo or workshop where can show you how this will impact your business.

Signing into the Tech City Bank Application

TCB Front Page

Start as a New User

Open up on your desktop computer in any browser and click the "Register" button.

TCB Registration

Register Your Identity (E-mail Address) in the TCB App

Enter your email address, then click "Submit". You will now be sent an email to verify your email address.

TCB Confirm

User Receives Verification Email

Go to your email client on your desktop and open the email from MIRACL Trust. Now click the "VERIFY MY IDENTITY" button in this email.

TCB Choose PIN

User Creates 4-Digit PIN

Now you can create a 4-digit PIN and re-enter it again to confirm your chosen PIN.


Once registered, you will be automatically logged into the application.


Additional User Management Tips

  • To reset your PIN, select the settings icon to the right of your identity, to reveal the “Reset PIN” option and follow the instructions.
  • To remove your identity, select the settings icon to the right of your identity, to reveal the “Delete” option and follow the instructions.
  • Full user guide documentation can be found here: