thought leadership

Why Usability Is More Important than Security

05 Jul, 2022 by Michael Tanaka, CCO

CCO at MIRACL, Michael Tanaka, considers why, for both the user and implementer, when it comes down to it usability is arguably more important than security. Why? And what impact does usabil…

Why you should give up passwords for good

23 Jun, 2022 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

Today, June 23, MIRACL hosts the second annual Passwordless Day - an excellent time to look at the state of online security today and why passwords should become a thing of the past.

Is MIRACL too good to be true?

22 Jun, 2022 by MIRACL Technologies Ltd

The first time we looked at MIRACL, we thought it was too good to be true, but it provided the most innovative, cost-effective and scalable MFA solution, and met all of our technical require…