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Five Compelling Points when selecting Multi-Factor Authentication & why It’s a Key Focus for Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October


5 tips to selecting MFA

As we reach the mid-point of this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month we see a breadth of celebrations from Get Safe Online Week, to Charity Fraud Awareness Week to the launch of an Investment Fraud campaign from the City of London Police.

But it’s no coincidence that the NCSC has just shared their latest advice on authentication nor that the National Cybersecurity Centre in the US has chosen MFA as one of just four key themes behind Cybersecurity Awareness Month this year.

Multi-factor authentication is the future, further fuelled by compliance such as PDS2 and NJ DGE  - but using the most suitable one is critical as we navigate our way to safer protection.

So why the move from passwords and why is MFA suddenly hot on the agenda?

MIRACL’s top five tips to consider when prioritising MFA, even when compliance isn’t the driver:

  1. Multi-factor authentication should be able to be seamlessly integrated into your systems - having an immediate positive impact on your verification systems, but without disrupting your wider infrastructure.

    John Ferguson, Product lead at Cashfac explains: “We make a point of building everything in-house, but it would have taken a vast amount of time to build something like MIRACL. It makes absolute sense to go with a specialist for authentication. You can count the products we integrate with on one hand, and MIRACL is one of them.”

  2. Select an MFA that does not require a second device - especially important in retail environments where employees do not necessarily have access to their mobiles whilst working, yet need MFA to access systems.

    “As a Retail Pharmacy, online learning plays a critical role in the learning and development of every Rite Aid associate. During implementation we hit a roadblock – we needed a solution to enable our associates to easily & quickly log into the Learning Management System starting day 1 of working with us. Working with MIRACL to resolve this unexpected authentication issue was seamless and extremely effective.” said Nicole Farr, Manager, Learning Design and Delivery, Rite Aid

  3. Improve your customer experience with an MFA that is friction-free, one step and really, really easy to use.

    Florin Dimitru, IT Director at Crédit Agricole Romania needed just that when he implemented his MFA at this fintech giant. “The biggest challenges that we had to solve related to the authentication of users. Security only works if people are happy to use it, so we both had to secure access to our electronic channels, and make it easy for customers to embrace that security.”

  4. In gaming? Find an MFA that only takes one step to action which will improve both security and experience for the user - but will also have an impact on sales as you stop losing customers at account login. A key gaming client discovered just that after using MIRACL:

    Obayomi Okubajo, Co-founder at MyLottoHub said “By prioritising friction-free enrollment and login, we are putting players first, winning clients and growing fast. That growth would have been impossible without single-step MFA.”

  5. Passwords are fast becoming insecure - because so many individuals use the same password on more than one account and select weak combinations they are highly vulnerable for exploitation. Multi-factor authentication provides the additional layer needed.

Rob Griffin, CEO at MIRACL comments, ‘People loathe passwords (it’s impossible to remember so many) and the many vulnerabilities they cause. At the same time, they hate one-time passcodes that are at best time consuming and at worse hugely susceptible to hacking. Whether for business or personal use, people need a better way to authenticate their accounts.  Proving single-step MFA that gets rid of passwords, meets that need. That’s why we’re supporting Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s initiative to promote user-friendly MFA.”

MIRACL is the world’s fastest MFA, requiring just a single-step to authenticate. The National Cyber Security Alliance recommends that individuals add multi-factor authentication when possible and especially any account associated with work, school, email, banking and social media. For further information visit:

To learn more about MFA and understand the three ‘C’s’ you need to overcome when implementing - complexity, compliance and cost - readers can join MIRACLs team of experts on a LinkedIn Live on 20th October. Visit for details.


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