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MIRACL Wins the Winter 2023 Top Performer Award from SourceForge


MIRACL wins sourceforge award

MIRACL, the passwordless and world’s fastest single-step multi-factor authentication, is proud to be a winner of the Top Performer award from SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and comparison website.

Thursday 12 January 2023, London - MIRACL today announces that it has been awarded a Winter 2023 Top Performer Award by SourceForge, the world’s largest software and services review and comparison website. This award recognises exceptional companies and products with a significant amount of recent favorable user reviews that puts them in the top tenth percentile of highly reviewed products on SourceForge.

“We’re happy to announce MIRACL as this year’s outstanding Winter 2023 Top Performers” comments SourceForge President, Logan Abbott. “MIRACL showed that their users love them, as evidenced by the significant amount of outstanding user reviews. Congratulations.”

To win the Winter 2023 Top Performer award, MIRACL had to receive enough high-rated user reviews to place their single-step multi-factor authentication in the top 10% of favorably reviewed products on SourceForge, which demonstrates the utmost quality that MIRACL delivers to customers.

Rob Griffin, CEO at MIRACL comments, “At MIRACL, we’re absolutely delighted to accept the SourceForge Winter 2023 Top Performer Award. We know that by providing the fastest single-step MFA in the world, we have a solution that exceeds expectations time and time again - so we’re more than happy to see our users rewarding us with such good reviews. What a great start to 2023 - being openly valued by our customers and recognised by SourceForge in this way. May this long continue!”

MIRACL is the world’s fastest single-step and passwordless multi-factor authentication login favoured by gaming organisations, retailers such as Rite Aid and big tech such as Experian. Users authenticate with a 4-digit PIN. Software-based and API-enabled to work from any device or browser, means a quick and seamless integration with any device or platform being used. The software doesn’t store personal data, passwords or PINs, so it’s fully resistant to remote attacks - with zero security vulnerabilities. The old notion that your account login must trade off between security and usability  is no longer true, MIRACL offers both at the same time.

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Highly secure, password-free login in just two seconds. The fastest way to improve the user experience, decrease costs and win lost revenue. MIRACL Trust is a PSD2 compliant multi-factor solution for both authentication and transaction signing that runs natively on any device without downloads. It’s GDPR friendly since no user data is stored or needed to integrate with any other identity or service platform. MIRACL’s global portfolio of clients include Credit Agricole, Cashfac, MyLottoHub, Experian and Domino’s Pizza. MIRACL’s technology is licensed to the US Government, Intel, Google and Microsoft. In a recent customer report out of 50,407 logins, only 2 people needed to reset their PIN - a success rate of 99.99998%.

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