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MIRACL® unveils new venture with Intergence Systems Ltd

Michael Tanaka, CCO

This month we’re delighted to announce details of a brand new partnership with Intergence Systems Ltd – a Cambridge based IT Infrastructure consultancy.

The deal will see MIRACL Trust® integrated into Stratiam – Intergence’s well-regarded IT platform, which works by providing the user with a bird’s eye view of an organisation’s entire IT infrastructure whilst enabling them to delve into specific elements as needed.

Using AI to solve complex problems much faster and more cost-effectively, Stratiam correlates data from multiple sources and presents a unique, single view of a companies IT infrastructure. Users can literally access their data at the push of a button, but having the right authentication process in place – that is both secure but seamless to use – is a must.

As MIRACL Trust® offers true two-factor authentication using the latest Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology but with a completely seamless, one step motion – the input of a 4 digit PIN - it felt like a natural partnership. The need for frustrating and outdated security practices such as passwords, SMS Texts, push notifications and key-cards is eradicated so verification is smooth. No data is stored or transferred so the risk of a data breach is removed.

Rob Griffin, CEO of MIRACL comments, “This new, inspiring partnership sees MIRACL Trust® integrate into Intergence’s hugely impressive platform Stratiam - as well as working closely with them to provide our authentication solution as an option through their managed services arm. This provides new, exciting potential for us that we are keen to maximise in the coming months, especially within the public sector – a vertical that could really benefit from our low cost yet highly secure authentication.”

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