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Press Release: Don't Gamble With Passwords

MIRACL International Limited
Digital signatures, cryptographich signing and designated verifier signatures

With MIRACL, It’s One Pin And You’re In

Revolutionising passwords. Introducing the world’s first 100% software multi-factor authentication.

This August, tech market disruptor MIRACL Gaming Solution launches a highly innovative, new authentication solution for gaming clients. MIRACL already supplies the worlds only 100% software, multi-factor authentication (MFA) PIN based solution to customers such as banking giant Crédit Agricole and consumer credit leader, Experian.

Challenging the increasingly out-dated concept of passwords and stored credentials, this new, highly-secure solution from MIRACL is set to revolutionise the way we provide authentication for online financial transactions, especially in the online gaming sector. Passwords are currently the cause of 81% of hacks and 70% of support queries. These two factors are responsible for a large proportion of customer churn so addressing them will boost operators’ customer retention and their overall profitability.

Utilising cutting edge military-grade cryptography and 7 patents to form what’s called a Zero Knowledge Proof, MIRACL Trust® requires no personal user data to be either stored or sent for an authentication. In this way, there is no database associated with MIRACL Trust® that could represent a GDPR liability and there is no risk of credential stuffing, man-in-the-middle or phishing attack – three of the most common cybersecurity threats.

Platforms heavily reliant on regular online authentications and transactions, such as those in the gambling or gaming industries, as well as banks themselves are expected to significantly benefit from this new technology.

In gaming, access devices are very personal to given users. Without knowing the actual identity of a given user, it is impossible to manage responsible gaming, protect customers’ assets, mitigate fraud and support self-exclusion. MIRACL Trust® provides binary proof that ties a given user to given authorised access devices.

Its’ MFA is in-app and entirely cross-platform, providing a consistent user interface that replaces usernames and passwords with one much easier 4 digit PIN. Since it works in-app, there is no impact on conversion rates from users having to check non-secure messages outside the app. MIRACL Trust® works in browser and desktop without requiring a mobile.

CEO of MIRACL, Rob Griffin comments, “Everyone hates usernames and passwords; users and operators alike. They represent the single biggest threat to safe online gaming and need to be replaced immediately. During the last year, the body of usernames and passwords that is for sale on the dark web has ballooned so things have reached a tipping point that has rendered them no longer fit for purpose in a real-money gaming environment with growing regulatory pressure and fraud considerations. It is time to re-evaluate. MIRACL Trust® enables secure log-in and transactions across browser or app, mobile or desktop with a 4 digit PIN, supported by patent-awarded IP that enables the most secure multi-factor authentication on the market. It’s a world first and a concept that I believe is a no-brainer for the highly active online gaming sector.”

Its timely global release comes ahead of the SBC Betting on Sport show this September where the product will be officially launched on stand K22.

The platform operates with a ‘pay as you go’ model that is cost effective and manageable. The MFA software based concept is highly secure and the PIN number easily memorised by users. A message for the online gaming sector – stop gambling with outdated passwords. With MIRACL’s ‘one pin and you’re in’ - it’s as simple as that.


For further press information, interviews or comments please contact the MIRACL press office: Sarah Sawrey-Cookson: / 07765 110438

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