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New Partnership: Dimension Data

MIRACL Blogger

Dimension Data Signs on as Global Distribution Partner to Capture
Additional Share of $4 Billion User Authentication & Market


LONDON, September 12 , 2016 — MIRACL, a leading internet cyber-­security company, announced today the launch of its disruptive multi­factor authentication platform that allows security solution and managed service providers to expand their businesses in the $4.0 billion user authentication market and immediately capture revenue from current and net new customers.

By offering a world-­class security product at internet scale as a hosted cloud service, MIRACL enables partners to comprehensively address the need for secure and scalable authentication to highly-­regulated industries such as banking, government, and healthcare. MIRACL’s multi-factor authentication platform will allow Dimension Data to immediately activate a new business initiative across global sales teams without friction.

“At a time when businesses are struggling to secure everything connected to the internet, we are disrupting the authentication market by redefining the landscape,” says Brian Spector, CEO of MIRACL. By reversing the current security trend of storing multiple factors in the cloud, we have removed a company’s largest threat vector completely. Our zero-­knowledge protocol provides better security across desktop and mobile devices by eliminating the need to store user IDs and passwords entirely. This means that companies in regulated industries will never receive a phone call that their user name and password database has been breached.”

“MIRACL’s multi-­factor authentication platform enables Dimension Data to drive our business into a new area of cybersecurity very quickly” says Matthew Gyde, Group Executive — Security at Dimension Data. “This allows us to immediately expand our trusted relationships with clients as we help them accelerate to the digital era while maintaining robust security controls. We are excited about the opportunity to further grow our cloud-­base security services and the cybersecurity outcomes that the multi-­factor authentication platform will deliver for Dimension Data’s clients around the world.”

MIRACL’s Multi-­Factor Authentication Platform Highlights:

  • Out-­of-­the-­box business that allows security solution and managed service providers to immediately deploy a cloud-­hosted, white-­label authentication service that captures significant revenue within the first fiscal year.
  • A cloud-­hosted service that provides a simple turnkey implementation process, allowing for full activation within hours and complete customer deployment within a day.
  • Eliminates a company’s largest security threat entirely since there is no single point of knowledge or Delivers better security than current solutions since it does not store user IDs or passwords. Meets the security needs of businesses in regulated industries, allowing Global Distribution Partners to increase revenue and relationships from current and net new customers.
  • Disrupts conventional pricing to extend secure authentication to the millions of customers and partners who power a company’s business, for less than the monthly cost of sending SMS messages.
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