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CertiVox announces Company name change to MIRACL

MIRACL Blogger

Repositioning reflects the growth in opportunities to advance Cloud Computing and move the Internet into the post-PKI era.

London / Dublin / Tokyo. We are excited to announce today that CertiVox has changed its name to MIRACL. As CertiVox, we have grown from a small start-up to a respected organisation attracting five rounds of funding through investment partners in North America, Asia and Europe based on the strength of our products and the promise of providing more secure solutions to users, businesses, and the online services that connect the two.

Our change in name reflects a pivot in our mission and business, from providing individual products that empower users to offering complete solutions that have the potential to transform an industry and redefine the role of trust in the digital age.

The Strength of an Open-Source Cryptographic Library

Long before our company was formed, our Chief Cryptographer, Dr. Michael Scott was making academic headlines with his cutting-edge research into pairing-based and elliptic curve cryptography. It was during his time as Head of the Dublin City University School of Computing in 1988 that the Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic Cryptographic Library (MIRACL) came into being

This research motivated us to launch CertiVox in 2011 and powered the first wave of our company’s creativity: open source encryption libraries, strong two-factor authentication and key management Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. The MIRACL open source cryptographic library continues to be the most widely used cryptographic library for hardware manufacturers, and has hundreds of closed source licensee customers. The M-Pin Protocol eliminates password risk in a variety of computing systems with a user-friendly, zero-knowledge proof authentication protocol built on strong cryptography and open standards. These products have attracted scores of influential customers worldwide - from the US Air Force to Intel, from Odin to Gemalto - and will continue to do so as security concerns online continue to grow

Creating Opportunities For Cloud Computing

Over the last decade, pairings on elliptic curves have been a very active area of research in cryptography and applied to a range of settings in today’s computing environment. Cloud Computing is widely regarded as the next wave of technology transformation for individuals, companies and governments. The abundant supply of computing power and storage at low cost offers many opportunities. But despite the ability of the Cloud to inspire new ways of thinking – free of the limitations of infrastructure, scaling and logistics – several thorny issues are still holding it back

Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms have experienced enormous growth over the last few years, but full adoption by organizations with stringent data security requirements can’t be achieved until fundamental capability issues are resolved. Enterprises in regulated industries find challenges to transform entirely into digital businesses because the economic advantages of Cloud Computing are unavailable to them. Pairing-based cryptography can provide real world solutions, right now, to the outstanding issues of cryptographic trust, data security, governance and compliance that create roadblocks to adoption of the Cloud by the industries that will most benefit from it.

Transforming Trust Across the Internet

Security on the Internet is long overdue for a change. The problem is architectural and it needs to be addressed before more irreparable damage is done. We believe that an inclusive, distributed trust paradigm can replace monolithic single points of failure and move the internet into the future.

By transitioning away from the outdated and unscalable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) towards a distributed trust paradigm between independent parties, we can both eliminate the single points of security compromise that characterize the current offering while empowering individual organizations to free themselves from the monolithic entities who have neglected their responsibility to ensure trust on the Web. This opportunity to choose one’s own trust partners and path has the power to move both the future of Cloud Computing forward and protect the data, identities and information of the nearly 3 Billion people who use the Web

As with our previous efforts, this transformation will be a partnership that welcomes all participants. The initiative will formally begin in Q1 2016 with the launch of Apache Milagro, an open-source Apache Project. Apache Milagro will enable a distributed trust paradigm to replace commercial certificate authorities and usher in a new, more secure, post-PKI internet.

We are very excited about creating the next set of solutions that can be powered by paired cryptography, as well as the chance to bring the promise of Cloud Computing to those who are currently unable to participate. We also welcome this monumental opportunity to redefine the fundamental nature of trust on the Web in order to protect its future

We all own the internet. Let’s fix it together

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