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The Power of A/B Testing Your Login Experience: Overcoming Login Anxiety for Improved Conversions


A user account with a retailer gives customers various advantages, from faster checkout to personalised shopping experiences. But according to a report by DMI, a significant number of consumers hesitate to create user accounts.

In this second part of our blog series, we’ll explore the common barriers that prevent customers from signing up and delve into the often-overlooked issue of login anxiety. And we’ll show you a powerful tool to optimise the login process and improve conversions. Let’s dive in!

So why do users resist creating an account? It can hardly be that it demands more work: the time it takes to fill out the fields required in account creation is equivalent to the time it takes to enter details for a guest checkout; the fields are almost identical.

The problem is not the immediate burden of account creation. The problem is the anticipation of negative experiences.

Data security and privacy concerns

Around 24% of respondents were nervous about providing personal information when creating user accounts. Other surveys found the same: IAPP’s Privacy and Consumer Trust Report found 68% of consumers globally are either somewhat or very concerned about their privacy online. Instances of customer data misuse or breaches have led to a significant loss of trust in brands. Some consumers have even resorted to limiting their digital footprint, preferring in-store purchases and paying cash over online transactions. 

What you can do:

  • Be transparent about data collection and tell consumers why you collect specific data
  • Educate your employees and create clear policies around data
  • Use MIRACL: Its zero-knowledge proof protocol eliminates vulnerable password databases from the authentication process

The Time Factor and limited intentions

Another reason shoppers avoid creating user accounts is the perceived time-consuming process. Approximately 22% of respondents stated that the account creation process takes too long. 13% said they don’t sign up because they don’t plan to buy from the store again. Time is a precious commodity, and we know from studies that most shoppers leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Can you imagine how many customers you lose because the login process is too long?

What you can do:

  • Simplify registration forms
  • Minimise required steps to encourage more sign-ups
  • Try MIRACL to experience a login that takes just two seconds

But there’s another key reason so many consumers avoid creating an account. 

Expecting a negative login experience

When passwords were first introduced in the early days of the internet, they were easy to use. However, authentication methods have become increasingly complex over time. Nowadays, even a simple password authentication requires creating and remembering a lengthy password that includes numbers and special characters.

As a result, when you ask someone to create an account, they anticipate the hassle of struggling to remember a complicated password or going through a cumbersome and time-consuming multi-step authentication process.

People naturally try to avoid failure, and unsuccessful login attempts evoke that feeling. What often goes unnoticed is the significant impact of login anxiety, which subtly diminishes revenue. Even the process of creating and remembering a long password with numbers and special characters can deter individuals from setting up an account. The wide range of authentication options available only adds to their anxiety. Concerns about receiving SMS or phone call verifications contribute to this unease. Additionally, a simple obstacle like not having their mobile device at hand can disrupt the customer journey.

By conducting A/B testing on your login process with MIRACL, you can identify the specific pain points experienced by your customers and optimise the user experience. Integrating MIRACL into your enrollment and login process simplifies authentication with a single PIN code or biometric method, significantly reducing login friction.

Introducing MIRACL for enhanced user experience

MIRACL offers a game-changing solution to the challenges posed by traditional login processes. MIRACL streamlines the login experience to less than two seconds, replacing multi-step, multi-factor authentication with a single-step approach. That ensures compliance, boosts security, and recaptures revenue. MIRACL’s ease of setup makes it suitable for diverse audiences.

A/B test your login for optimal results

To unlock the true potential of your login process, look at A/B testing. By integrating login testing into your existing conversion optimisation efforts, you can fine-tune when and how users are prompted to log in or create an account. 

A/B testing enables you to compare the effectiveness of different login approaches, including incorporating MIRACL into your enrollment and login process. With swift implementation and ample time for testing before the peak shopping season, you can optimise your login experience for maximum conversions. If you’re interested in A/B testing your login or exploring how MIRACL Trust can boost conversions, contact us here or schedule a demo.

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